I can still recall the first set of markers I received from my

uncle at the age of five during my early years in Communist Poland. I was so excited by this feast of colour that I attempted my first drawing of my granny's fresh-cut lilac bouquet. And, like any good grandmother, she gave praise for my artistic efforts and the confidence to develop my new found skills. Six years later, with our bags packed and hope in our hearts, my parents and I left our mother land for a more promising life in Canada.

As my interest in art, history and nature blossomed, by 1995, I started working as a graphic designer and an art director. And although, a career in graphics is gratifying and creative, it is also part of a deadline-driven industry which demands plenty of attention and dedication. Over the years, I felt like I needed to reconnect with my love for art, on a more personal level, and find my bridge to tranquility, self-expression and self-discovery.

Photography become that bridge. It became that portal to new adventures which further sparked my desire to explore new places like Croatia, Crete, Malta, Gozo, France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Eastern Canada and USA. My fascination with the past took me on journeys to Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza pyramids of Mexico, Malta's temples of Tarxien and Mnajdra, Gozo's temple of Ggantija, Crete's Leper colony in Spinalonga and palaces of Knossos and Malia, Normandy's mystical Mont. St. Michel and many sacred sanctuaries.

During that time, I have exhibited my photography in various venues like The Hangman gallery, Dominion on Queen, The Little Art Show, Gladstone Hotel, Square Foot Show, Peony Festival and Fall Festival of the Arts at Rosedale Presbyterian Church. Though a variety of my work has been seen at these venues, I have more to share on this site, so please browse through these pages and enjoy!

Wioletta Wesolowski